As easy as ABC ? 2 Human Resource Consultancies join forces


As easy as ABC ?    2 Human Resource Consultancies join forces

ABC Human Resource Consultancy founded in 2006 by Kelly Mansell, and Berkeley-HR, another local HR company, founded by Graeme Brookes in 2005 have joined forces.  “ABC HR has a well-known local presence, whilst we could have changed names to something quite complicated it was a simple choice to migrate one set of customers rather than two and retain a brand that Kelly has worked hard to develop” says Graeme.

ABC Human Resource Consultancy provides outsourced people management solutions particularly for Companies who may not have their own HR department. As Kelly explains “ We deal with everything connected with employing people from creating employment contracts and documentation to handling Employment Tribunal cases plus just about everything in between! This merger allows us to provide a wider range of services that individually we would struggle to deliver”.

Even before the official merger date of 1 June word had obviously got out about the merger and ABC HR have seen their business volumes increase significantly over the last 3 months. A new set of services makes it clear to business owners what HR can do for their business. “We are particularly excited about our retained support package called the HR Manager Service in effect this package provides all the elements you need to manage payroll, people matters and health and safety at the fraction of the cost of employing someone to take on the role internally.”

Kelly and Graeme are based at The Fort, Artillery Business Park in Oswestry and can be contacted on 01691 664257 or visit

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