HR Manager Service

Unlike other outsourced HR Companies our services are always tailored to fit your size of business, your business requirements and your budget.

If your organisation has no Human Resources department or requires additional people support, then this is the service for your business. We personally design the service in partnership with you to ensure your HR requirements are supported within your budgetary constraints.

The HR Manager Service can include the following:

 HR Consultant site visits
 24/7 off site support
 Coaching for managers and supervisors
 Regular update and planning meetings
 Solicitor backed insurance against Tribunal Claims
 Payroll management
 Health & Safety management
 Online access to document library
 Online access to Liveflo©


This people management service is a cost efficient way to ensure that your company meets its people needs and legislative requirements.

Our HR Manager Service is designed for companies who are growing in size or whom already have an established workforce.

Once your Company employs people, our HR Manager Service can become an effective and integral part of your business. Acting as your Human Resources Manager, we will visit your site, and fulfil the role of Human Resources Manager or Director for your business.

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